Body Transformation Challenge – Starting Jan 8, 2014

CONTACT:  KELLY (780) 986 6639

Have you been looking for a good reason to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life?


We are going to give you the secrets to fat loss that no one wants to share with you! We are going to put you on the fast track to success! We are going to give you that reason!

Over the course of 12 weeks, FR Leduc is holding a “Join the Revolution” Transformation Challenge!

We will be holding our “Join the Revolution” Kick Off Meeting on Sunday, January 5 to give you all the secrets to fat loss that the rest of the industry doesn’t want you know! January 8, 2014 is the first day of weigh ins, body fat testing, inches lost and photos. It is mandatory for you and your team to be in attendance.

The Kick Off Meeting will take place at 5110 47 ST on January 5 at 6pm.

Call 780 986 6639 to reserve your spot today!

The contest will run from January 8 – April 2. Over $1,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs for both the best team and the best individual transformations!

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Grand Prizes

  • $1000 to the team with the greatest TRANSFORMATION* in 12 weeks! (*Results based on total body fat lost. In the event of a tie, total weight lost, clothing size lost, commitment to program, journaling, and inches lost during the program will be considered.)
  • Bonus: Individual best TRANSFORMATION* will win $250 and one month personalized programming. (*Results based on measurement improvements and photo results.)



  • Regardless of the membership package that a person chooses, they will be eligible for both prizes.
  • A Team must consist of Three (3) members, 1 must be non-members (no obligation to join after).
  • All Team members can be non members.
  • The beginning weigh-in and measurement must take place between January 8. The final weigh-in must be completed on April 2.
  • All contestants must check in to their coach at each visit to Leduc FR.
  • All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All contestants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week in a combination of strength training, cardiovascular and boot camp training programs for maximum results.
  • Mandatory weigh-ins are to be done once a month. If any team member misses a weigh in the entire team will be disqualified from competition. You must complete your weigh-ins before the deadline dates. (It is the responsibility of the team to make sure that each member weighs in on time, not that of the FR Team)
  • Weigh-ins will take place without shoes.
  • All weigh-ins must take place at Leduc FR and completed by a Coach.
  • A minimum of ten (10) teams must take part for the contest to take place. If ten (10) teams do not register a full refund will be given to each person.
  • No refunds are given after the registration fee is paid, with the exception of not meeting minimum team requirements.
  • The Grand Prize remains the same even if teams exceed ten (10).


Weigh In Dates:

Initial weigh in: January 8, 2014

Weigh in #2: February 8, 2014

Weigh in #3: April 2, 2014

Winning team announced at Finale Party (date to be announced)


Transformation Challenge Package Details

Basic Package

$50.00 Total (per team member*) Includes:

Reserve a spot on team

Eligible for Grand Prize

personal motivator via group email

Nutrition Plan and Food Journal

One (1) boot camp workout per week for 12 weeks (current members get a special bonus)

*All contestants must purchase the BASIC Package at minimum.


Rapid Results Package

$100.00 Total (per team member) Includes:

Basic Package PLUS:

Two (2) extra boot camp workouts per week [for a total of three (3) boot camp workouts each week]

One educational article via email per week about health and fitness

Q & A via email on all training and nutrition questions.


Ultimate Transformation Package

$299 Total (per team member) Includes:

Rapid Results Package PLUS:

Individualized program designed for you by our expert fat loss trainers

Two (2) Semi-private training sessions per week

Two (2) Boot Camp workouts per week

Complete gym access during open gym hours with your program to complete extra workouts.

An additional $100 fee will be added on to all package pricing for 2 body fat % tests during the contest.

Call 780 986 6639 for more information or complete your registration now by following the 2 steps below (payment through PayPal and registration form submission)! Kick Off Party on January 5 @ 6:00pm!



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